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What makes personnel consulting by Flügge Consulting special?

With sound management and leadership skills, my partners and I guarantee discreet, personal and efficient cooperation. For us, the focus is on people. We live ‘People & Culture’ and act as advocates for clients and candidates. We emphasize and use female potential in particular as a decisive success factor and support you in implementing your gender diversity goals.

Do you need support in filling various management positions? Would you like help analyzing and restructuring your company’s personnel structure? You have that one important vacancy that you just can’t seem to fill long-term and you don’t know why?

Get to know me in a non-binding initial consultation! I will be happy to help you find the right people and solutions for your company!

Kerstin Flügge

Managing Director

The right managers for your company just can't find their way to you?

The ongoing shortage of skilled workers is a significant hurdle, as the search for qualified employees in highly competitive industries is becoming increasingly challenging. This shortcoming also makes succession planning considerably more difficult. In addition to these challenges, uncertainty factors also play a role, including the tendency of candidates to keep all options open until the end and not clearly formulate their intentions. This leads to unforeseeable delays in the recruitment process.
In this context, Flügge Consulting can offer significant support as a competent personnel consultancy.

HR Consulting

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Interim Management

Bridge to successful continuity

Are you so full of personnel tasks that you can't even get to your actual work?

We often observe how internal resources are taken up by additional personnel tasks. In medium-sized companies in particular, which either have a small HR department or none at all, this can be a considerable burden if managing directors or other managers have to take on HR tasks "on the side".
These resources could often be used more effectively for the actual purpose of the company.
An experienced HR consultancy can offer considerable relief in such situations. In a non-binding initial consultation, we can explore solutions together to see how we can support you.

That's why HR consulting exists: get help!

Flügge Consulting, based in Wiesbaden, is your competent partner for solving your most demanding personnel issues.
Whether identifying suitable managers, professional coaching, comprehensive career and succession planning within the company or the analysis, optimization and restructuring of your management level - we use our in-depth expertise and many years of experience to develop tailor-made solutions.
We are dedicated to helping you overcome any obstacles and meet your staffing requirements effectively.
You can count on our support with challenges such as the identification of suitable managers, corporate restructuring or the implementation of interim management.

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